Son of FSB's Director of the Directorate for Protection of Constitutional Order (same unit that chases and poisons Russian dissidents) fell from a window and died at the Russian Embassy in Berlin.
In memory of the most wonderful mother one could have dreamed of. My sister and I lost her today to the covid monster.
Вот и заявление о преступлении, которое видимо стало поводом сегодняшних обысков и задержания @Dobrokhotov . Обратите внимание на вторую страницу, где его обвиняют в порчи репутации "сотрудников Минобороны и гражданина Нидерландов Макс ван Дер Верфф". https://t.co/lxGDEWvr9J
I had missed the Russian ambassador's candid explanation of why his government tried to poison @Navalny with Novichok. He makes a pretty convincing case: Navalny tried to destabilize society through "elections". https://t.co/SadiIwMGEf