No one should be broadcasting Trump's announcement live. He's staging a campaign event, illegally, in the White House. He has signaled his intention to lie about the election. The event also violates local public-health regulations and national recommendations. Take it off air!
Thread: I wrote this story about the separation of children from parents during the first week of May 2018. It leads with Russia (not such a great move in retrospect) because I was trying to put this weird idea into context 1/ https://www.newyorker.com/news/our-columnists/taking-children-from-their-parents-is-a-form-of-state-terror
The indignity of being naturalized by an illegitimately appointed official I. a spectacle designed illegally to use the White House for campaign purposes
My accidental experiment with writing articles critical of @PeteButtigieg and @BernieSanders in 2 consecutive weeks: It's Pete's supporters who have flooded my inbox with obscenities, demands that I go back to Russia (and learn English!), and threats to vote for Trump if not Pete
In which a few things struck me. The Immigrant Witnesses of the Impeachment Hearings
In which this is what we talk about when we talk about corruption. What “Corruption” Means in the Impeachment Hearings
In advance of tomorrow's hearings on whether employers can enforce gender norms, SCOTUS sends out standard media instructions, including reminder that the press section dress code is business attire, coat and tie required for men. And this journalist is stumped.