Ukraine's foreign minister says 82 of the dead on flight PS752 were Iranian, with a further 63 from Canada, 11 Ukrainians, 4 Afghans, and 3 each from Germany and the UK. Iran says there were 147 Iranians, which means many likely had dual passports.

Steve King, the white supremacist GOP congressman in Iowa, is in deep trouble in his primary tonight. One of my great regrets is that his wild escapades in Moscow got buried in an even wilder story about Steven Seagal, where this probably wasn’t even one of the 10 craziest things https://t.co/0TUNzUEypZ
Russia Today has been waiting its entire 14 years of existence to troll America this hard https://twitter.com/rt_com/status/1184313012171108353
The first fugitive Russian businessman to return home under promise of amnesty for a politically motivated prosecution was just - surprise! - sentenced to prison on the same charges, word for word, after they were already dropped once https://vedomosti.ru/politics/articles/2019/10/31/815249-biznesmen-iz-spiska-titova
The footage streaming in from Minsk, in spite of an internet blockade and reports the army has been deployed against protesters, is just incredible https://t.co/B341GHSXHB
Remember all those Russian defense advisors said to be propping Maduro? Hundreds of them have left the country because Venezuela’s not paying them. Great scoop by ⁦@tggrovehttps://www.wsj.com/articles/in-a-blow-to-maduro-russia-withdraws-key-defense-support-to-venezuela-11559486826
You know there’s a geopolitical crisis in process when Belarus gives nul points to Russia at Eurovision
The editor of Russia Today, a totally independent TV channel that does not follow the Kremlin line at all, no sir, has a new medal from Putin to go with the one she got for the annexation of Crimea. “I serve Russia!” she says. https://twitter.com/m_simonyan/status/1131545626863386624