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Арина Нур

Brief History of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

Kazakh State University is a unique and historic institution. January 15, 1934, is the day of the official opening of Kazakh State University, which was established at the basis of the Pedagogical Institute by the decree of the Council of Peoples’ Commissars of USSR and VKPb Kazakh regional committee. On December 2 of the same year KazSU was named after the famous Soviet party and state leader S.M. Kirov.

In January 1934, the first entrance exams at the faculties of Biology, Physics and Mathematics were held; in September they were held at the Faculty of Chemistry. In 1937, the first Faculty of Humanities – the Faculty of Foreign Languages was established; a year later, the Faculty of Philology. In May 1941, as a result of joining with the University of the Kazakh Communist Institute of Journalism, the Faculty of Journalism was established.

Main buildings of the university in Almaty, 1934.

After the severe years of war, new faculties began to open. In August 1947, the Faculty of Geography was established and, in 1949, the faculties of Philosophy and Economics. As a result of the joining with the Alma-Ata Institute of Law in 1955, the Faculty of Law was established.

During the same period a strong scientific educational and methodological base emerged at the university. By the mid-1980s there were 98 departments, 43 scientific research laboratories and 9 scientific research groups at KazSU. The faculty staff consisted of 1180 people; among the faculty staff there were 30 academicians and AS KazSSR correspondent members, more than 100 doctors, professors, more than 600 science candidates, lecturers. Human resources were trained on 21 specialties and 74 specializations.

The current stage of the development of KazNU is associated with a dramatic increase of the status of national universities, the rectors of which were appointed by the President and are directly responsible to him. This resolution was based on time requirements, Kazakhstan's entry into a new stage of economic development, strengthening of the country’s authority on the world stage, integration into the global economic and political system.

The position of KazNU on the world stage has strengthened. In November 2008 the University has successfully passed the accreditation of the French certification body Bureau Veritas certification. Once again KazNU took the 1st place in the General ranking of Kazakhstani universities. According to a new world ranking of the best universities prepared by Reytor Agency, KazNU has taken the 150th place on educational criteria among the 500 most famous universities of the world.

During the 75 years of its history KazNU has always stayed the most prestigious university of Kazakhstan; the overwhelming majority of the scientific, political, cultural and economic elite of the country has graduated from KazNU. The university strives to maintain this“brand” today as well.

The history of the University shows that each successful step, each scientific discovery, all the daily educational activities and innovative acquisition always have something of our past experiences and successes of today are based on tradition which have been founded throughout the 75-year history of KazNU, on the work of our predecessors and contemporaries whose names and achievements are an integral part of the Great history of our Alma mater, on sincere service to science and bold innovations made by the oldest university of the country. The staff and the university administration are convinced that the history is not just memory and the past, the history - with all its details and pages– is the basis for further forward progression of al-Farabi Kazakh National University into the future.

Nurym A.A. ,master degree student of Foreign Language: Two Foreign Language of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

(Supervisor- Ph.D Aldasheva K.S.)

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