Apple and Google have removed the Navalny app from stores

Google and Apple have removed the Navalny app from Google Play and the App Store. This was reported by Navalny's team.

The entire Russian state and even bigtech companies are against us, but this does not mean that we can give up. These are very important elections, and we must do everything to defeat United Russia.

"Navalny's team" A day earlier, Navalny's Team announced a DDoS attack on the telegram bot and the Smart Voting website. The app and telegram bot worked intermittently.

On September 15, representatives of Apple and Google were summoned to the Federation Council commission for protecting state sovereignty and preventing interference in Russia's sovereign affairs.

At it, the head of the commission, Andrei Klimov, said that the actions of Google and Apple during the election period are viewed as interference in the affairs of Russia. The commission also said that if Google and Apple do not remove the applications "Navalny" and "Smart Voting", some employees will face criminal liability.

Roskomnadzor first demanded that Apple and Google remove the Navalny app at the end of August. In early September, the regulator threatened to consider the companies' refusal to block the service as "election interference". The main reason for the blocking is in connection with the FBK *, which was recognized as extremist and banned in the Russian Federation.

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